Founded by Sabine Herbold and Dorothea Nölke in Bad Homburg in 2001, Sabine Herbold Personalberatung KG has become firmly established with a unique service profile, focussing on demanding career profiles of real estate companies and real estate-related sectors.

As experts in the field of executive search backed by property know-how, we are able to advise you when it comes to defining a job profile, while we can also take on the role of coach in many cases. We put ourselves in the position of a client, when we review and analyse profiles, short-list applicants, and select promising candidates.

Insider knowledge of the industry, an extended network of contacts in the real estate industry, as well as property know-how of our employees are of particular value in the search process: they know the latest market developments in terms of salaries and availabilities and are well-versed in human resource management.

(Julian Huxley)